Gamasutra: Tadhg Kelly’s Blog – Zynga and the End of the Beginning


Where two years ago everyone was talking about ‘casual’ games, now they’re all talking about ‘social’ games. Key developers have recently attracted some very big numbers. This article is not really about Zynga itself, but rather examining what underpins their business model, the likely threats to which it must adapt and how Zynga – as standard bearer of the social game community – will likely fare in the coming year.  As Zynga goes, so the rest of the social game market tends to follow. 

The first thing to say is that the people running Zynga are both very smart and competitive. They have streaked ahead of all of their competition by applying a relatively simple strategy of picking up on gaming trends, copying them quickly and then maximising every avenue of Facebook to spread their message thoroughly. Zynga currently has 4 times as many monthly active players in their games as their next closest rival…


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