guava-libraries – Project Hosting on Google Code

This project contains several of Google’s core Java libraries that we use in our myriad Java projects. These libraries are still subject to change.

API Documentation is here.

A rough introduction PDF is here.

It currently contains:


as well as a few additional pieces of that are not already present in the Google Collections Library.

Currently, this project is dependent on the Google Collections project, but after that library is stamped 1.0, its sources will be imported directly into Guava, and it will cease to be maintained as a separate entity, only here.

Other candidate future additions to this project are testing infrastructure, networking support and reflection utilities.

We apologize that the project currently lacks “polish”. We decided it was better to start by at least getting some code out there to the world rather than waiting until we had time to spend making it a professional produced package.



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The Promise

The promise of Cocotron is a big one. Wrote a Cocoa app? Just add a new Xcode target, hit compile and out shoots a Windows version. Your mountains of Objective-C code now cross compiles and is no longer stranded on the Mac. You put your feet up, having just shipped a Windows app without ever touching a PC. Your cat brings you a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Read on for our journey from app to exe


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frothkit – Project Hosting on Google Code

Froth is a Objective-C web application framework that brings the power and simplicity of Cocoa development to the web.

While froth web apps are technically deployable on many different platforms using Cocotron, currently our focus has been on the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Benefits of Froth

  • Uses the tools and language Mac and iPhone developers have come to know and love.
  • Reuse existing objc/c code from desktop applications.
  • Simple view templating support.
  • Very fast and scalable.
  • Affordable hosting on Amazon EC2 Cloud.
  • Multiple builds and deployments using standard Xcode deployments.

Simple Example

@interface WAHelloController : WebActiveController {}




@implementation WAHelloController

(id)index😦WebRequest*)req {
return @“Hello World”;

(id)goodbyeAction😦WebRequest*)req {
return @“Goodbye”;


Some Docs

Background Information

Whats next?

We are working on a installer package and public amazon ami that will enable developers to get started in minutes. For now check out the source and keep coming back as we add more documentation and tutorials.

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