squashed that bastard …

People who know me, know, that I’m a friggin cowboy on the command line. That’s even one of the keystones of my hellish productivity. It’s not that I hate GUIs or something, in my shell I can do literally everything, while some UI gives me power over just something. Ponder that..

Nevertheless, to make a dumb story short, there’s just this one thing, that stopped working on the command line, but a crucial one (which forced me into using a beast of a UI – STS, but thats not the point here): starting grails! Huh? Yes, and if you’re interested, hop to their issue tracker and see, what I found .. 

fudge out


edit: and that is the end of it: patched in 2.1

Grails 2.0

Thats a webinar Peter Ledbrook (lead dev grails team) gave on Grails 2.0. Some news are subtle, some inevitable. I’m mostly impressed by the new reloading along with magic re-scaffolding. Seems like the team is getting along making the framework really shine. Albeit I’m more curious how it all works out ‘in the wild’, stability wasn’t much in issue with later Grails releases, but this is some major revamp. Also, expect your production db to break (except you’re one lucky bastard utilizing some migration magic), as eg. abstract parent classes now pop up as tables. Interestingly enough, theres a brand new migration plugin, which is there by default, as well as (finally) the resources plugin (congrats for the promotion though).