Node.js is Cancer (?)

This¬†dude has some strong opinions against using unchecked javascript code to implement backend stuff. I kinda second this. Javascript is a nice language, but I think, the current hype overestimates its usefulness. Technologies like this (PHP anyone) are for web app creators, that “just don’t care” about quality, scalability and all the good things we’re supposed to consider. “Shit just works” always makes me frown. Guess I’m outa the target audience for this…


1 thought on “Node.js is Cancer (?)

  1. And here we are. Two years later. And I totally changed my mind.
    The direct cause was a death-march-project I joined for a short time.
    They used Apache Wicket. That code was the worst shit you could possibly imagine.
    Then I had this cathartic epiphany where I suddenly realized what a
    fun-draining thing Java really is.
    Yeah, I’m out of you Java, take this!
    Doing awesome node.js shit right now and I love it!

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