Jobs “Extremely Happy” with Tablet | World of Apple

Nick Bilton of the New York Times has weighed in on the speculation ahead of Apple’s rumoured special event to be held of January 26, 2010. Bilton offers some inside information about the tablet which is expected to be demoed next month and according to him begin “the year of the tablet”.

According to one senior Apple employee who Bilton spoke to, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is said to be “extremely happy with the new tablet.” Whilst another ex-Apple employee reportedly said that consumers will be “surprised how you interact with the new tablet.”

Bilton also offers some background on the development of the tablet which is said to have stretched back as far as five years, the first version was shelved by Steve Jobs but much of the technology has made it into other products, the iPhone for example.

Bilton also links the tablet to the successful App Store, although this looks like an element of speculation, “one of the barriers to producing the early tablets was the lack of software. The success of the App Store and the eagerness of the publishers show that this won’t be a problem for any new devices.”

year of the tablet ahead…


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